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Is Adoption Right For Me?

Adoption is a selfless and timely decision for many reasons, and it might be right for you if:

You get to choose how involved you are in your child’s life once he or she is born and adopted
by selecting a closed, semi-open, or open adoption plan. The majority of adoptions in the United States today are at least semi-open.

According to American Adoptions, 9 out of 10 adoptive couples in the United States say they have a very close relationship with their adopted child or children. More than that, 90 percent of
children aged 5 and over have positive feelings about their adoption.

Schedule a no cost appointment at Willow today to learn more about all of your adoption options.

  • You feel too young or immature to parent.

  • You don’t have the emotional or financial means to support a child.

  • You’re still in school or focused on your career.

  • You don’t want to parent but don’t want to have an abortion.

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